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The Problem With Suicide Is...

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The Problem With Suicide Is...
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the problem with suicide is...

it is SO final. unlike that movie you rented last weekend you can't push rewind
and expect it to start all over again--it's a done deal--no chance of going back--
no changing your mind--just in case you wanted to..and you know how we ALL
change our minds once we think things over..sleep on it...see it in the light of day--
it's ok to take more time if you need to....that's the great thing about

with it comes more time to see other options, and also,


time to regroup, time to right the wrongs, time to seek just takes a little
time...and Hope will open your eyes to things you didn't see can be
real tough to see when things look so dark...wait for some light and


another great thing about it aren't in it alone...we are all here right now
just like you...we all know how difficult it can be,but because we are in this
together we can reach out and help one another right here right now...we can
show support we can listen we can care about one another and can express
concern and

right here right now i am telling you that with Life if there is something to be
foregiven ask for foregiveness if there is something to be forgotten take the
time to forget...wounds do heal..with Life and Hope these things are possible
i can tell you right now am i ever glad you are here-i just can't imagine a
world without you in it--please give yourself more time...

the problem with suicide is...

as good as it may sound when you are at your darkest moments it is the end.
With it you rid the bad, but you also, are cheating yourself of the good....
and don't tell me there hasn't been any the dark it is hard to see such
things..or perhaps it has been so long ago in your past that you cannot even
recall it....someone smiled the day you were born--i guarantee it and from that
moment on you have been a fighter you gasped for that first breath...we gasp
and struggle our whole is the will to survive-it is instilled in all of us!!!
right now, you may be lonely...feeling like a missing person in the middle of a
crowd..right now, things may seem very cry...cry loud...let someone
hear you...there are so many of us out here...speak up...someone was listening
for your first breath...your first cry...your first laughter and your first word...
and more than likely as someone who is hurting chances are you have listened
to someone before you ...take a little time and make someone listen to
may take more than one try...SPEAK yell scream holler until you are
heard ..because what you have to say is very important...not just to you but to
everyone...anyone and everyone who cares love or even just knows about you...
any path you may have crossed in your Life along the way you left a mark...
marks leave impressions just as you touch lives around all
matters to someone--you just may not know it, but do not assume that what i am
saying is not true--trust me when i tell you that you matter probably more than
anyone even knows how to show...some of us out here do not know how to show
what matters, but you matter just the same..speak up for YOU...someone
somewhere will want to listen..yes, they will want to listen to YOU...because the
great thing about Life is...

there is always someone you will find that will care about you. Once you make
yourself heard you will feel so much better to know that someone is listening...
just to will feel more valuable in this world and that feels good, very
good...and keep to many people if you have to but keep talking--
continue on until everything you have to say has been heard by someone...
you will feel better...some of that burden will be lifted ... you may even feel
loved...your mind will be will know there is a place for YOU...

the problem with suicide is...

you can't erase the wrong
when it's done everything is forever gone
there may be no pain
but there will be no laughter too
please step back
take a breath
give yourself space
not everyday we will win this race
but keep on fighting
there is no one at this moment
more special than YOU.


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