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Suicide claims approximately 1 million lives worldwide each year, resulting in one suicide every 40 seconds affecting people in every corner of the earth. In the United States suicide ranks as the 11th leading cause of death in the general population, but the third leading cause of death among older teens, and the second cause of death among those ages 25 to 29.
Talking about suicide is taboo in our society today.  People are afraid that talking about suicide will encourage it.  Suicide is happening more than you might think.  Just look at the statistics above.  The truth is simple.  NOT talking about suicide is killing our families.  Those that have committed suicide are REAL people that once LIVED.  They are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  Don't assume that it could never happen to you or someone in your family.  If you see warning signs, TALK to them.  Let them know you are there.  Suicide is REAL, and it is SERIOUS.  Listed below are some common myths regarding suicide.  Also listed are the facts.
Why Do People Commit Suicide ?

In response to extreme emotional pain, and suicidal thoughts and feelings due to various brain chemistry disorders.


Severe suicidal thoughts are an involuntary affliction, and they don't just sit idly by...

Suicidal thoughts are very active and have tremendous emotional power.


They push you, urge you, compel you towards suicide.

At times, it feels almost
as an entity darkly drawing you into the dark universe, an eternal vacuum of death.

Wrenching, twisting, turning emotional agony.



The bottom line is that...

Untreated Depression !!

is a major cause of suicide.




no treatment

unsuccessful treatment


Although life circumstances
can and do precipitate suicide,
a person with a healthy
brain chemistry

is not even going to
think of suicide.

Copyrightę 1997-2004 by Melody Clark, Meadow Lark Press

Suicide Myths and Realities

Myth #1: Those who talk about suicide are “all talk” and won’t complete suicide.

Reality: Talking about suicide is a warning sign and many who talk about it do complete suicide.

Myth #2: Those who have attempted suicide really wanted to die.

Reality: Suicidal people only want to be pain-free and would go on if their pain could be ended.

Myth #3: Asking someone if they are thinking about suicide will only give them “ideas”.

Reality: You can often only be sure by asking and this shows that you care.

Myth #4: Those who complete suicide are often psychotic.

Reality: Many may have had symptoms of mental illness, but most were in touch with reality.

Myth #5: Most suicides occur with little or no warning.

Reality: Most people mention what they are feeling and what’s drawing them toward suicide.

Myth #6: Non-fatal acts are only attention-getting behaviors or only attempts to be manipulative.

Reality: For some people, suicidal behaviors are serious invitations to others to help them.

Warning Signs of Suicide

  • Threatening to complete suicide or harm yourself in some way
  • Having a plan for completing suicide
  • Acquiring the means to complete suicide (e.g., stockpiling pills, taking possession of a gun, etc.)
  • Rehearsing how you would complete suicide
  • Having feelings of hopelessness
  • Talking about, writing about or drawing about death
  • Withdrawing from social activities, ties, or relationships
  • Losing interest in things that you really like
  • Giving away personal items that are important to you
  • Undergoing significant changes in your personality and mood


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